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Establishing Your School's Identity


You, THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, must know exactly what you want for your school's identity.


If you don't have a very clear picture of what YOU want YOUR school to be like, then NO ONE else will either.


Everything you do, must reflect your vision for your school.


Let's say you want your students and staff to be more respectful of one another.


That is a pretty ideal and positive attribute; but, no one will know that is what you are aiming for if they don't HEAR IT and SEE IT everywhere in your building.


How are you going to make "respect" a living breathing norm in your school? I said you need to hear it and see it everywhere. How are you going to make that happen?





Well, let's get started on filling your school full of "respect"!.


1.  You are going to say the word, "RESPECT" every chance you get. That is pretty easy, right? You will use it when you speak to children in the halls or on the playground.


2.  You will stop students and point out how impressed you are with something they just did that was "respectful".


3.  You will talk about it at your assemblies by saying how impressed you were with all the examples of respectful behavior you witnessed throughout your school. Give real examples!


4.  You are going to make signs or posters or ask a CLASS to make posters for a bulletin board depicting examples of children showing respect for one another.


5.  You are going to brag about the examples of respectful behavior you witnessed when you give your report at your next Parent Advisory Council meeting.


6.  You are going to open your next staff meeting stating how impressed you are with the multitude of respectful behaviors you witnessed teachers showing. Give real examples!


7.  Your next newsletter is going to talk about how thrilled you are to work in a school that has so many respectful students.


8.  Your morning announcements, whether stated by you or your student leaders, is going to include an enthusiastic statement about how much respect you have seen throughout your school.


9.  Your student announcers can share some of their own examples of respectful behavior, if you ask them to do that when they do their announcements.


10. At your next Superintendent's or Director's Meeting, talk about how excited you are over the amount of respectful behavior you have witnessed at your school.


11. Attend a School Board Meeting and brag about the respectful behavior you are witnessing at your school.


12. Go to the grocery story, nearest your school, and tell the cashier how happy you are about the respectful behavior your students show one another.


Your school will begin to be a much more respectful place to be just because you have SHONE A LIGHT on that type of behavior.


Whatever you shine your "light" on, it will become illuminated, and it will propagate!


Try it! You will be very impressed. It works like magic!


Everything you need to make your school GREAT is already in your school. It is NOT the building, the playground, or the computer lab that makes your school what it is, it is the PEOPLE in it!


Showing everyone your pride in the school and your vision for its greatest potential is one of your most important tasks.



Establishing PRIDE in Your School


This job is YOURS!


The more PRIDE you show in your school, the more PRIDE everyone else will show and feel about the school!


You have to become the world's best ambassador for your school. You need to become your school's campaign manager. Don't panic, you do not have to get out the pom poms and you won't be doing it ALONE. You just have to get the PRIDE momentum started.


If you read my article on RESPECT, you will get the idea, that planting the seeds is what it takes to get an image started. "Watering" and "Shining a light" on the concept brings it to life.


If you are not too sure how to go about building some school pride, all you have to do is adapt the suggestions I listed for developing respect to fit the pride theme!!!


You will soon learn that you can shape the identity and behavior within your school by what you say and what you do!


Let me give you some examples.


1.  When you see a child in the hallway, tell him or her how proud you are to be at your school and how grateful you are that he or she is in your school.


2.  When you are speaking with parents and staff, tell them how proud you are of your school and how grateful you are that they are a part of the school.


3.  When you are speaking with your custodian, tell him or her how proud you are of your school and how pleased you are that he or she keeps the school so clean!


4.  When you are around school trustees, make sure you tell them how proud you are of your school and how much you appreciate the work they do to make your school such a great place.


5.  When you are in your school's neighborhood grocery store, make a point of telling the clerks how proud you are of your students and how grateful you are for the support your school receives from the community.


6.  Make sure you use the words pride or proud at least once with every person you speak with throughout the day!


You will be ASTONISHED at how much the words pride and proud will become associated with your school!


This strategy will not cost you a dime. It will not take any more time out of your day to do, yet, the rewards will be significant.


You have the power and ability to shape the reputation of your school by "shining a light" on the attributes you want to propagate, just by what you SAY and DO!



Building Your "Power Team"


Running a successful school is not a ONE person job! You need a TEAM to help bring your school to its greatest potential.


Fortunately, you have a built in team readily available to help you share your vision. You have your administrative assistant, your teacher librarian, your custodian, your special needs teacher or your learning assistance teacher for starters!


The people, in the roles I just mentioned, are key people in your building. They interact with a multitude of students and colleagues throughout the day. They are more accessible to you because they are non-enrolling staff members. You can gather those people together to discuss a need without disturbing any classrooms.


Another vitally important person to eventually add to your POWER TEAM will be your Parent Advisory Chairperson. You want this person knowing your vision so that he or she can help pass that view along to the other parents in your school.


As you work with your POWER TEAM, let them know you need their input and guidance. Work side-by-side with this team so they learn you value their opinions.


While working with your core POWER TEAM, you need to demonstrate that you see each person's role is just as important as everyone else's. Your team needs to understand that "working together" is your goal. Eventually you want to expand your core POWER TEAM to include EVERYONE on staff!



YOU will NOT have all the answers for situations that arise within your building; however, your team and all the other staff members will help you find the answers.


You want each and every staff member understanding that they have "a piece of the puzzle" and that working TOGETHER AS A STAFF, all problems can be solved.


You must demonstrate trust in your team. If a decision they make does not go well, then work with them to change that outcome. You must show them that they are not being judged, they are being trusted.


Let your team know that their decisions are to be made with the best interests of children in mind and that if they keep that focus, they can't go wrong.


Staying true to your word and backing their decisions will prove your TRUST in them.


Your staff and the parents at your school will soon learn that you sincerely want what is best for the school and for the students. They will see that your entire "team" is working towards that goal!


Email Me to "chat" . I will get back to you PRONTO!